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What You Learn at a Meat Cutting Course in Edmonton

Educational opportunities are all around you! Even if you are done with your college years and have no interest in formal educational settings, there are still some excellent chances to learn new skills and gain new knowledge from community courses. If you have the change to take a meat cutting course in Edmonton, then you can learn some very useful things. Some of the things that are taught in these courses are as follows:

How to Sharpen Knives

It is hard to cut meat properly without the right equipment. While you will get the chance to work with more professional cutting machines, the skill you can take home is how to properly sharpen your knives. You will learn all about the importance of having the right knives and how to best care for them.

Working with Different Meats

meat cutting class in Edmonton will help you become more familiar with different kinds of meat. In addition to the beef and chicken you likely serve and eat on a regular basis, you could get the chance to learn about these other kinds of meat:

  • Pork
  • Sheep and lamb
  • Fish
  • Goat

This can greatly broaden your horizons as far as meal preparation goes.

Meat Cut Vocabulary

Do you know the difference between a New York steak and a chop? How about a filet and a porterhouse? You have likely heard of sirloin and chuck, but do you know how they differ? Could you point out what part of the cow a T-Bone comes from? If not, then these are all things you will learn at a meat cutting course in Edmonton. You will get some good meat cut vocabulary, and will be better educated about where all those cuts come from in the different animals.

Meat Cutting Safety

It is dangerous to work with cutting meat. The tools used are sharp and you have to be well trained to handle them safely. That is something covered in great detail in these courses. Safety is first, and you will learn how to dress and how to safely handle all of the equipment.

Meat Packing Skills

Once the meat is cut, it is important to know how to wrap, pack, and store the meat. These are all important aspects of meat cutting courses in Edmonton. You will learn how to best store the different cuts and kinds of meat. This can help you a great deal as you store your food.

These are just some of the helpful things you will learn by taking a meat cutting course in Edmonton. It is one of the most practical and us.