Preparing the Table for Thanksgiving Dinner

Make sure to have all table settings bought a week before Thanksgiving. Purchasing these items a week early will give you one less thing to worry about at the last minute like not have enough silverware, or a missing ladle for the gravy.

Fall favourites such as apples, pumpkins & squash make a great decorative addition to any table. Stock up on local fruits & vegetables not only for cooking with, but for festive decorations.

Be sure to manage your RSVP list and know the exact number of guests who will be dining with you. You don’t want guests showing up that you have not set a place for at the table, so give those you have not heard back from a call and double check to see if they plan to attend.

Once your guests have arrived, the food is on the table and you are ready to dig in, sit down, relax, and enjoy all the hard work you put in to your delicious Thanksgiving meal.

Happy Thanksgiving!