New Locavore TV Show – looking to profile you?

TVCOGECO, a local community channel devoted to covering and discussing events and issues that matter most to viewers, is in pre-production on an exciting new television program exploring the growing trend towards local food and the 100 mile diet.

Many people are becoming aware of just how far their food travels before it reaches the dinner table. This program plans to follow several aspiring and seasoned ‘locavores’ as they struggle to make a local diet work in today’s busy world.

TVCOGECO is looking to profile interesting and passionate locavores in and around Kingston, Belleville and Brockville: Families and couples challenging themselves to eat locally, chefs scouring the countryside to keep their kitchens stocked and their menus enticing, engaged couples incorporating the 100 mile challenge into their wedding banquet. Through these stories, TVCOGECO will also have the opportunity to meet local food producers, distributors and organizations and see what they have to offer to their communities.

TVCOGEGO is looking for any familes or couples that may be thinking of taking on a local food challenge or perhaps a chef who is either introducing a local foods menu or expanding on a successful one.