A blog from a Locavore!

Here at Harvestin’ the County we have been looking for locavores – we want to hear your local stories, recipes, see your photos and videos and post them online to share with the community and show them how great the County really is.

Here is a great story from Wendy Anderson, Executive Director for Prince Edward Child Services and Ontario Early Years Centre.

One morning in May 1996, the children attending the old Prince Edward County Day Care Centre, which operated in the basement of the Picton Masonic Hall out on Highway 33, were so excited they could barely contain themselves.

It was outdoor play time, but this was no normal day. Today was special. Instead of going out to play in the sandbox, they were going to dig for real. They were going to plant a garden.

After putting on their outdoor shoes and hats and passing through the sunscreen assembly line, brightly coloured shovels in hand, the children marched in single file towards the patch of dirt which was to become their garden.

Everyone got to work digging and making the soil good and soft. The teachers handed out seeds and each child took a turn carefully planting the tiny seeds in rows labelled with pretty seed packets – lettuce, peas, onions and carrots.

Watering cans were filled and each child put water on the rows, being careful not to disturb the newly sown seeds.

The teachers were full of praise at how everyone worked together to plant a day care garden. The children were pleased with themselves for a job well done. Everyone was eager to taste the food they had planted. The anticipation was delicious. “Can we water the garden again this afternoon?” “Will the carrots be ready to eat tomorrow?” “Can I show the garden to my Dad when he comes to pick me up?” “I’m hungry.” “Me too.”

It was time to go in for lunch. Once the children were back inside the Centre, one three-year-old boy proudly declared to the cook, “You will never have to go shopping for vegetables again because we planted a garden today!”